The Narvik War and Peace Centre is organised as a foundation and the board is the top administrative level. The board is chosen by a committee appointed by the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Narvik and Nordland Red Cross.

Norwegian foundations own themselves and we are regulated by Norwegian law.

The board:

  • Sonja A. Steen, chair
  • Per Arne Mikkelsen, vice-chair
  • Kjetil Jakobsen, board member
  • Ann Rigmor Lauritsen, board member
  • Per Henrik Mørk, board member
  • Tor Gunnar Pedersen, board member
  • Marianne Neerland Soleim, board member
  • Tone Hågensen, 1. alternate board member
  • Tanja Ellingsen, 2. alternate board member
  • Hilde Gunn Kristiansen, 3. alternate board member