The Narvik War and Peace Centre is partner with the Museum of Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica who successfully applied for a EEA-grant to establish a depository that can be accessed by the guests at the museum. Most museums have a lot more items in store than they can show in the exhibitions. By establishing an open depository the museum can offer a better and broader experience to the guests and in particular to those who are more than averaged interested in the subject. In addition to the depository the project will also establish an open conservation laboratory, open depository study with professional services and programs for education through collections. The project called «Open Depository» receives EUR 999 357 from the Norway/EEA grants to complete the project.

@Photo: SNP

The project will be pioneer work for museums in both countries and will increase knowledge far beyond the actual establishment of the depository. The project will seek to change the way how museums relate their collections to their audience. The Narvik War and Peace Centre will participate in the project to help develop the project, build competence through joint learning with Slovak colleagues and learn from the process of establishing the depository in Slovakia. Furthermore, the project includes a feasibility study for an open depository in connection with the Narvik War Museum.