What is the Narvik War and Peace Centre?

\ The Narvik War and Peace Centre is a non-profit foundation that researches, documents and disseminates on issues related to war and conflict. Our story starts with the German attack on Narvik in 1940, the battle of Narvik and the occupation that followed. However, we also work with issues not related to the Second World War (WWII). We have a particular focus on the rules of war (IHL) and human rights.

\ The Narvik War and Peace Centre was founded through a merger of the Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum (est. 1964) and Nordnorsk fredssenter (est. 1990).  We are the northernmost of seven Norwegian peace- and human rights centres funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education.

+ We have close ties to regional and national Red Cross with whom we cooperate on dissemination and other projects.

The Narvik War and Peace Centre works to ….

Build peace through knowledge of war.

Our values: