Through the years the Narvik War and Peace Centre  have been working to offer a broader range of experiences in Narvik War Museum. In the winter of 2020 we were making ready to make a range of offerings related to the planned feature film about the battle of Narvik. Due to the corona-pandemic our plans were over-thrown. We are still working on offerings related to the film, but due to the delay we are looking at alternatives we can offer to those who wish to experience and learn.


familie sitter i bunkersanlegg på Narvik-halvøya
WWII-bunker at the Narvik peninsula. Photo: Josu Media

This summer we have gone for offering two weekly trips to the WWII-bunkers at the Narvik peninsula. The target group is families with children and consequently we are not very detail-focused, but are trying to make this an entertaining and fun family-activity.

Guide Hanne Thorp-Larsen speaking to interested guests. Photo: Michelle Opshaug, Narviksenteret.

We tell and show in an entertaining and lively way about the occupation in Norway 1940-45. The guests are taken 80 years back in time through dark passage-ways and narrow tunnels built by the Nazi-occupant. Looking out from a former gun emplacement we understand why these bunkers were placed here. We equip our guests with torchlights and take them through gun and machine-gun emplacements, munitions storages and tunnels. Our experienced guides gives the guest insight into why nazi-Germany attacked neutral Norway and through stories about individuals and facts they get an overview of the battle of Narvik and the occupation. There are surprises for the children, tasks to be solved, a snack and a small piece to remember it by. Currently the trip is offered in Norwegian only due to the lack of international travellers.

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