Good dissemination needs updated knowledge


Research today

Research has been, and continues to be, a priority. We have given priority to the history of prisoners of war and we hold a considerable knowledge on the subject. We are a partner in the research project “In a World of Total War: Norway 1939-45” and have initiated research on the role of humanitarian organisations during WWII.

We believe that research should lay at the basis of dissemination and our staff is encouraged to conduct independent research work. We work with numerous groups at home and abroad on research and dissemination.


The Narvik War and Peace Centre has an ambition to strengthen its own research. Any institution that wants to hold its own in the public discourse needs a strong backbone of knowledge. If dissemination is to hold the highest possible standards it has to be research based. Following a long period of building of premises and exhibitions we are currently working to find the strategic direction for a sustainable research staff on subjects related to war and conflict.